meet lightHouseMinder (recommended)

lightHouseMinder does 3 things (really well)

  • Checks how fast your pages load
  • Records the results for you
  • Presents the data to you

Here's How

1) Checks how fast your pages are

We leverage Google's infrastructure to do a full battery of tests on your pages. If there's a performance problem, we'll help you find it.

2) Records the results for you

We start recording this data every hour for you. So, after just a few days you get a good sense of how your site is doing, including during your busy time(s) of day.

3) Presents the data to you


Simply login to your dahsboard and you can see the performance for all of your pages. Data is collected from your request going forward We can also make this data available for you in BigQuery, so you and your data team can integrate it into existing dashboards.


4) Try our beta for free!

We think lightHouseMinder is a pretty cool tool, but we're just getting started. If you're willing to provide us with honest feedback, you can use lightHouseMinder for free while we're beta testing. Once we launch, beta testers will be able to continue using the beta featureset for free.

To try lightHouseMinder, just submit a URL to track below (a google account is required). Then, go here for your reports once you get the confirmation email.