Are you worried about the move to GA4?

We were too.

We started working with GA4 a year ago. At first it was overwhelming. Where was bounce rate? What about the source / medium report?

Eventually we figured out where things had moved and started generating insights. We came across missing features, but built workarounds as they were needed. 

Then a funny thing happened.

While working around some of the limitations in GA4 we started discovering new ways GA could really help clients. Actionable business data that would have been impossible to get at without investing thousands upon thousands of dollars before was now at our fingertips.

Reports that would have taken a week of manual work to prepare could now be updated within a few minutes. 

In short, while there are some necessary growing pains, we're incredibly excited about the world of potential this upgrade brings. If you think we could help you with your GA4 implementation, we would love to chat.